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Growth hormone (HGH – human growth hormone)


Growth hormone (lat. Somatotropin, Eng. Human growth hormone, HGH) is a peptide molecule which consists of a chain of 191 amino acids. It is produced by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland (hypophysis), not continuously, but only under certain external circumstances and the phase repeating secretion of hormones into the bloodstream. Its production is a response to the processes that take place in the pituitary gland. Interestingly, the greatest amount of growth hormone gets into the blood stream during deep sleep. Perhaps this explains the long sleep of infants, young children and adolescents. The body actively produces the growth hormone for about 30 years of life and its level is closely related to the degree of evolution of the organism. For example, the embryo has a high level of HGH, but its production is reduced in early childhood and is increased again in adolescence. Symptoms of its deficiency are a short (dwarf) height, the surplus means excessive body size (gigantism). The result of its morbid overproduction in adulthood is called acromegaly (enlargement of the ear, nose, jaw, limbs and internal organs).

Effects on the body:

The biological effects of HGH are used by the body in its growth and regeneration phases necessary because of increased production of muscle, cartilage and bone, delaying their aging and significantly motivate the growth of muscle strength. HGH is a major creator of protein and at the same time is very efficiently digested and burns excess fat in the body. After thirties however, natural growth hormone production begins to decline and in the elderly in some cases disappears completely. It is important to note that growth hormone is significantly reduced even in the state of fatigue and stress situations. In accordance with the reduction of growth hormone levels are changing the processes taking place in the body, which signs may include: reduction of muscle mass, the deposition of more and more fat in various parts of the body, loss of appetite, weakening of various types of immune response of the body, low efficiency of operation of the kidneys. Some researchers maintain that growth hormone supplementation in the elderly may reverse some of the negative processes of aging. If so, then why not start all the people in their thirties simply taking the pills with growth hormone? Growth hormone is the given on medical advice only to children in times of growth and only to those that show low level.

HGH and sport support:

Like many other substances, it was only a matter of time before growth hormone found its use in athletics. Professional athletes and experts have found that the use of HGH in the preparation of may shift athletic performance to a new level. Therefore, it is popular in every kind of sport, but most of its effects can be seen in bodybuilding and power sports. Why is this so? HGH has the attribute of “miraculous” substance for its positive effects on:

enlargement and cell proliferation
significantly faster recovery
reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat
increasing muscle mass and strength
improve sexual function
support of renal function, liver
strong synergy with anabolic steroids, insulin and T3
In addition to these benefits is a growth hormone still popular for one reason and that is because it is undetectable by conventional doping test (urine sample). There is the possibility of a blood sample, but its costs are so high that it’s not conventionally used and serves as more as a fright for doping abusers.

Dosage and administration

When reading about growth hormone in the available literature we read that the dosage starts at relatively low doses and to achieve the desired dose rate required is slow addition of units. In the case of the growth hormone, doctor calculates the size on the patient’s weight. In the sports literature the gold standard is considered a dose of 5-8 IU administered at bedtime, or divided into two administrations. We recommend starting with a dose of 2 IU per day in a single dose (at bedtime). If you do not notice the negative side effects, every week you can add 0.5 units. HGH is suitable for longer, several months long cycles, during the week the system of taking is 5 + 2 system (five days taking two days off).Growth hormone is administered subcutaneously, i.e. puncture a short needle into the fatty tissue just under the skin. Always keep your growth hormone in the refrigerator and remove it half an hour before application. Never shake the solution !!! Violent handling of the solution could generate foam and thus could damage the drug.

Possible negative effects:

As with all medicines with growth hormone you may experience possible side effects. Most frequently it is the swelling, pain in the joints, muscles, and the head. Infection under the skin of growth hormone can decrease or increase the amount of fat at the injection site, and can also cause a reaction at that location. Therefore, we recommend substituting the site of injection.

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