Pfizer Genotropin Pen Hgh 12mg 36iu

Pfizer Genotropin Pen Hgh 12mg 36iu


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Human growth hormone (HGH) is a common physical and performance improvement drug. This supplement is a manufactured form of the natural human growth hormone. The synthetic human growth hormone was first developed in 1985 for specific uses in both children and adults. However, Genotropin HGH is used and loved by many bodybuilders and fitness gurus because of its immense benefits to the body. If you are a bodybuilder HGH can turn your body’s internal clock enabling you to build muscles, cut body fat, boost libido and above all increase your energy levels. The following are some of the benefits of HGH:

Increases endurance and energy levels

Within the first 30 to 90 days of using Genotropin HGH replacement therapy or supplement, you will experience increased energy levels and endurance. Increasing your HGH levels will improve your cardiac system, lung function and above all improve oxygenated blood supply to in the body. This means that you will have more endurance to workout harder and better. It improves your performance by allowing you to push your body to the extreme and achieve better goals.

Increases resistance to physical injuries and sports

This is another benefit of HGH supplement or drug. Increased HGH levels will improve your bone health as well as strengthens the ligaments. Genotropin HGH restarts the process that builds healthy ligaments, tendons and also increases the bone density. With proper bone density, healthy bones and tendons you will be in a better position to avoid common exercise and sport injuries that are caused by weak joints as well as poor bone development or health.

Reduces fat accumulation and helps build lean muscle mass

One of the most important reasons why most bodybuilders love Genotropin HGH supplement is its ability to cut body fat and build lean muscle mass. It enables you to burn body fat in those notorious parts of the body for example belly, arms and thighs. On top of enabling you to lose fat fast, this supplement allows you to build lean muscle mass devoid of any fat.

Lowers blood pressure

HGH also helps in lowering blood pressure. This is attributed to the fact that it improves lung and cardiac function. A recent study shows that Genotropin HGH replacement therapy can reduce diastolic blood pressure in adults by approximately 10 percent. By allowing you to work harder and longer through endurance, HGH gives you the ability to exercise freely and better which is beneficial to the entire body.

Reduces cholesterol levels and improves cardiac function

Another known benefit of Genotropin HGH treatment is it helps reverse heart failure and diseases. Heart failure is caused by insufficient oxygen supply to the heart, reduced thickness of the left ventricle wall of the heart and the inability of the heart to pump out blood and contract. But with high HGH levels all these are reversed you will be able to exercise freely, increased oxygen supply to the heart, enhanced heart function and above all improved quality of life.


Typical dosages are: 1-2 iu (0.3mg to 0.6mg) per day for 3-6 months for general well being, health, sleep and mood. 3-4 iu (1.0mg to 1.3mg) per day for 3-6 months average performance enhancement. 4-6 iu (1.3mg to 2.0mg) per day for 3-6 months maximum performance enhancement.


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